Gavin Rees

Head of Marketing & Partnership Development

Gavin Rees is Head of Marketing & Partnership Development at Town Hall Group.

Director of SEER Consultancy Ltd, a consultancy group based in West Yorkshire, Gavin supports several areas of our organisation and business.  As a business development professional, Gavin has worked extensively in private Business, Education and Third Sector.  As a consultant with years of experience in his field of expertise, Gavin is always committed to supporting our business.

Gavin began working for Town Hall Dental in 2016, supporting our Marketing Team and managing our social media platforms.  Since then, he has successfully utilised various online platforms to support Town Hall Dental grow to where we are today.  He is proactive in starting and developing new projects, and integrates new way of introducing our services and community work to online viewers.

Gavin loves creating content through film and photography, combining his background in the Arts with technology, to create engaging content that is within brand.  He welcomes new challenges and his unique creative approach helps form ideas which engage and reach existing and new audiences.  Gavin creates and manages our content and publicises all activities and events under the Town Hall Group.  He produces and directs our film projects, including Town Hall TV.

Gavin welcomes the opportunity of assisting the development of Town Hall Group through managing the PR & Marketing Team.  His role supports the ever-changing needs of Town Hall Group, promoting growth and success through Marketing and Partnerships.

Gavin Rees - Head of Marketing & Partnership Development