Town Hall Foundation

Our registered charity Town Hall Foundation provides oral healthcare treatments and education for those who need it the most.

Town Hall Foundation

The Town Hall Foundation is the charitable arm of Town Hall Dental, focused on the mission of providing essential oral healthcare treatments and oral health education for people with significant dental needs.

The foundation was created with the aim of supporting at-risk individuals, as well as promoting the benefits of oral healthcare to young children and adults.

Our vision as a Foundation is simple and can be summarised with our three core beliefs: 

  • Educate the next generation on proper oral hygiene practices
  • Provide dental care for those in our community who need it most
  • Support organisations whose work ties in with our goals

Town Hall Foundation is focused on providing oral healthcare to the most vulnerable individuals in our community. The treatments we provide help build confidence in those who are impacted by homelessness, to lessen any associated challenges that may affect their employment prospects. Town Hall Foundation understands that lack of confidence and poor mental wellbeing are huge roadblocks for vulnerable people who are seeking work, and poor dental hygiene is deeply interconnected with these issues.

Town Hall Foundation aims to dramatically increase the quality of life of individuals they work with and strengthen their ability to find future success. 

The patients we treat at Town Hall Foundation often have multidisciplinary dental needs and require advanced care. Many of the people we work with are at-risk in other areas and have difficult backgrounds, such as a history with suffering from domestic abuse or undertreated mental health diagnoses. In response to this heightened need, Town Hall Foundation provides a mental health wellbeing practitioner and a team of care coordinators to assist patients at every step of their treatment. 

Town Hall Foundation is also deeply committed to oral health education. We focus our efforts on reaching early age children in schools, as well as developmentally disabled individuals, whose age groups range widely. The foundation sees this as important preventative work, which will encourage proper oral hygiene from an early age and lessen the need for expensive treatments in adulthood. Educating people on oral hygiene practices leads to healthier communities overall, as well as decreased financial strain on the NHS, which is a substantial goal of ours.

Town Hall Foundation team at work